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Sweat Botox treatment

Treatment steps and care

Prescription Drugs


Blood-thinning medication and supplements such as Fish oil, Gingko should be avoided for 1 week before the treatment to prevent bruising. Make sure that you don't have a skin infection in the treatment area. Patients who have a concurrent infection at the injection site or systemic infection are asked to return to the clinic after the infection has cleared.

Doctor and Patient

The Interview

Our doctor will interview and do a physical examination to estimate the sweat problem and it's causes, checking contraindication and plan the treatment.


The Minor's test

Tincture of iodine is applied to the skin and allowed to air-dry. After drying, the area is dusted with cornstarch. 

When sweat reaches the surface of the skin, the starch and iodine combine, causing a dramatic color change (yellow to dark blue), allowing sweat production to be easily visualized.

Click for the minor test sample VDO 


Numbing the Area

The area will be numbed with numbness cream for 45 minutes before injection. To make sure all your experience painless,


The injection

Our specialist doctor will inject Botulinum toxin in the axillary area with the smallest gauge needle. The injection sites are placed subdermally in each axilla. This process will be quick. Less than 5 minutes.



A few spots of pinpoint bleeding after the injections that will stop by itself. Bruising is a possible side effect and also will resolve spontaneously. We routinely call patients within two weeks of treatment to confirm that they have noted a decrease in symptoms. Patients are advised to self-refer for repeat treatment once their symptoms begin to return.
One can resume daily life right after treatment. It is advised to avoid strenuous exercise, hot and humid weather and sauna on the day after the treatment.