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Sweat Botox result

The most long lasting control for sweat.

After the treatment, you can resume your normal activity right away. The sweat will decrease 5-7 days after treatment and obviously after 2 weeks. Many of our customers feel the effects show faster than that. The odor and skin color will improve at the same time the sweat decrease as well as the quality of life. The result can last for a year after treatment, most will last for 9 months.


Sweat Botox What's research say?

The most long lasting control for sweat.

Most patients report an improvement in symptoms within the first week after treatment. Following the above treatment regimen, reinjection with toxin due to initial treatment failure is rarely required.

Patients who have undergone injections claim a significant decrease in excess sweat production and improvement in the quality of life. Patients have reported decreases in occupational and emotional impairment, time managing their Excessive sweat, and difficulty in social and occupational situations.

 In randomized placebo-controlled trials with botulinum toxin, patient satisfaction markedly increased after treatment with botulinum toxin compared to placebo (93% vs 30%).

 Patients also report increased satisfaction with botulinum toxin treatment over nonsurgical options for hyperhidrosis, such as topical agents.

 When reviewing the data for axillary hyperhidrosis treatment, patient satisfaction with the procedure ranged from 66% to 100%, indicating that patients were very happy overall with this treatment.


Sweat Botox What's people say?

100 % of the client say ...worth it !

"A friend referred me here and Yesterday I had a treatment at Revival Clinic. The offices were very nice and the receptionist was very caring and helpful. Dr.Chontirot is very thorough in explaining things and makes me feel very comfortable. I had sweat Botox injections. I would definitely recommend Revival Clinic."

"I have been receiving Botox for excessive sweating of the armpit from Dr.Chontirot for about a year. It has been a truly life-changing experience for me. Dr.Chontirot and her staff are so nice to work with and I feel my comfort is their priority.  I hardly had ANY pain and NO anxiety during my injections. I have so much more confidence and freedom as my symptoms are nearly non-existent! I would recommend Dr. Chontirot and Revival Clinic to anyone who is seeking relief from this condition."

"Revival Clinic has changed my life! Suffering from excessive sweating since childhood, I have never felt comfortable wearing tight-fitting shirts or colored clothing. Then Dr.Chon spoke with me about Botox injections in my underarms to reduce sweating. I could not have imagined the results that I got! Dr.Cho was meticulous during injections and used a variety of techniques that reduced my sensitivity during the treatment- which ended up being way less painful than I was expecting. I now feel confident to wear whatever I want! In my line of work, I do a ton of public speaking and presentations and I finally feel like I can just be myself in front of a crowd. This treatment truly is a game changer! I am so grateful to Dr.Cho and the whole team at Revival Clinic!"